SUSTAINABLE FURNITURE VALUED BY CUSTOMERS SERVICE: LIFETIME SUPPORT IS THE KEY HIGHER EFFIECIENCY FOR MOELVEN Issue 18 Published by Raute Corporation JOIN THE SMART REVOLUTION WITH RAUTE SMARTMILL TECHNOLOGY 12 Patchman’s mission: to maximize raw material use 16 FOR AT LEAST 400 million years, trees have been CONTENTS Raute SmartMill 4 Innovations to boost peeling 7 New greenfield capacity 8 Green veneer composing 10 Service: Lifetime support 12 Isku and modern furniture design 16 Partnership with York Timbers 18 Customer case: Moelven 20 North America: The P2 has landed 22 PlyVisions is Raute Corporation’s Customer Magazine. Editor-In-Chief: Veli-Matti Lepistö Editorial group: Ulla Lahtela, Matti Ukkonen, Markus Halmetoja, Eija Salminen, Kurt Bossuyt, June De La Paz Layout: Vitosmedia Oy, Toni Talvenheimo Printing house: Markprint 5/2017 Cover photo: Raute Address changes: Publisher: Raute Corporation P.O. Box 69, FI-15551 Nastola, Finland tel. +358 3 829 11 Copyright Raute Corporation. All rights reserved. Reproduction permitted only with permission by Raute Corporation. ISSN 1459-3165 2 PLYVISIONS an essential part of our planet’s ecosystem. They have been vital to the history of the human civilization, by first offering natural shelter, heat, tools and weapons, later construction and other more demanding applications as people continued to evolve. While there have been many alternative materials produced, wood is often promoted as the best building material for the environment. Wood replaces materials that would have required a great deal of fossil energy to produce. Wood serves as a carbon sink, sequestering carbon out of atmosphere for the life of the wood product. Renewable materials are going to be a substantial part of the future, and the smart use of wood, with its superior technical characteristics, makes it a crucial raw material for many industries. Plywood and LVL industry uses 300 million cubic meters of wood each year, but only renders 100 million cubic meters of finished product. Raute’s priority is to solve mill-scale inefficiency issues by developing tools for the best raw material utilization rate on the market. Modern plywood and LVL production is about accurately analyzing raw material flows, and making the smartest decisions for the most profitable use. The leading plywood and LVL manufacturers trust Raute for state-of-the-art tools that optimize production. Our customers get all the benefits: the latest digital, mechanical, and machine vision innovations for fully synchronized line and mill-scale solutions, as well as mill wide expertise and experience – all from the same house. This has been the choice of industry leaders who have prospered in this market for decades. Patchman symbolizes Raute’s pioneering spirit, innovation, and emphasis on efficient and sustainable technology. We warmly welcome you to join the SMART REVOLUTION! FROM THE CEO FROM THE CEO FROM THE CEO FROM THE CEO FROM THE CEO Dear reader, FOLLOWING the record-breaking year 2015, many of us expected that 2016 would mark “a gap year” for Raute. On the contrary, during the past year, we achieved a new record in the amount of new orders. We are happy with 2016 as a whole and, again, we were able to start this new year with a record-high order book. Economic development in many market areas continues to be shaky. Even if the worst of the crisis is over in Europe, uncertainty, in particularly in the European banking sector, continues, impacting other areas as well. In North America, construction has begun to recover but still at a slower rate than expected. In South America, our key customers’ previous investments have now found their place in the markets. Though their focus is on the future, the RAUTE’S TECHNOLOGY OFFERS IMPROVEMENT POTENTIAL TO ANY PLYWOOD OR LVL PRODUCER. weak demand in the domestic markets is slowing down new investment plans. The uncertainty in China’s economy and the political tension in different parts of the world are resulting in concerns in many market areas. In 2016 several new-capacitygenerating mill-scale projects took off in the plywood and LVL industries, all being tenders that we succeeded to win. Each of these projects is now being implemented by our familiar, long-term customers. We have our long-running cooperation with our customers, their success in business and confidence in the future, to thank for these victories. Over the past year, we made significant investments in new development projects. In terms of product development, the most interesting is related to our digital services. These services tie up several of the main topics of this issue of PlyVisions in an interesting way: our service contract range, the SmartMill concept and G5 technology. An interesting completion to our measurement and analyzing solutions is the acquisition of Metriguard Inc. business. Metriguard’s technology has already been integrated in dozens of Raute deliveries and provides additional tools for the efficient use of raw material. The present trend of plywood production growing more in emerging countries than in the more industrialized world continues. As you can read in this magazine, we actively try to meet the needs of our more traditional customers with technologies applicable for them. It will be interesting to see how fast these technologies merge into various markets. Occupational safety is a key issue for many of our customers. This was also picked as one of the key topics in our operations’ development. We believe that by aligning our internal development work with our customers’ focus areas we will be able to offer better solutions. Please enjoy reading this new issue of PlyVisions; I hope you will find interesting ideas. And remember: After hard and uncertain times, one day there will be a better business environment. The winners will be those who continued believing in hard work and taking wellmanaged risks. This is what we do at Raute, and we also encourage our customers to do the same. As you can read on the following pages, we offer you all the tools you need. • Tapani Kiiski President and CEO PLYVISIONS 3 NEW TECHNOLOGIES N EW TECHNOLOGIES RAUTE SMARTMILL THIS CONCEPT ENABLES MILLS TO REACH MAXIMUM OUTPUT. SMART MEASURING EQUIPMENT AND DIGITAL SERVICES HELP TO IMPROVE BOTH WOOD UTILIZATION RATIO AND MILL EFFICIENCY. DIGITAL SERVICES Digital tools and services ensure that the customers’ production targets are attained. Remote monitoring reduces service time and enables scheduling of services. E-learning tools are available for personnel training independent of time and place. MINIMIZED MANUAL WORK Non-ergonomic and costly operator work is minimized by automatic intelligent infeed systems. They adapt to raw material with the aid of smart sensors, machine vision and suction cups for proper grip. 4 PLYVISIONS NEW TECHNOLOGIES NEW TECHNOLOGIES UP TO 15% BETTER RAW MATERIAL UTILIZATION N EW TECHNOLOGIES NEW TECHNOLOGIES NEW TECHNOLOGIES MAXIMIZED VENEER PRODUCTION The largest possible amount of high-quality veneer is peeled from the block. Automatic calibration ensures continuous centering accuracy. Sheet clipping controlled by Mecano G5 analyzers for the maximum amount of face veneer. VENEER UPGRADING Veneers and panels are upgraded for desired quality by composing, patching or repairing. This is done with minimized material handling and veneer loss. DATA COLLECTION The real-time data collection system saves and analyses all production processes. It enables a higher degree of optimization for individual machines and faster reaction times to defects. With the collected data, high-accuracy targeting of line adjustment and service is easy. NEW TECHNOLOGIES VENEER FLOW CONTROL G5 analyzers precisely simulate downstream processes for choosing the optimal way to utilize raw material. The system maximizes mill efficiency by processing quality material only. Integration between Mecano analyzers enables millscale production optimization. G5 MEASURING EQUIPMENT The new Mecano G5 machine vision and moisture analyzers measure the defects, quality and moisture of the veneer material. G5 offers the highest measuring accuracy on the market, featuring a user-friendly touch screen interface. PLYVISIONS 5 NEW TECHNOLOGIES N EW TECHNOLOGIES NEW TECHNOLOGIES NEW TECHNOLOGIES JOIN THE SMART REVOLUTION UP TO 15% HIGHER UTILIZATION RATE WITH RAUTE SMARTMILL TECHNOLOGY Text: Veli-Matti Lepistö, Jani Roivainen • Photos: Veli-Matti Lepistö BETTER RAW MATERIAL utilization has become one of the key differentiators in plywood and LVL production as a result of rising costs and shortage of quality wood. Most technologies currently available attempt to maximize output by focusing on the efficiency of one separate production area or line only. This is important but more savings are achieved by mill-scale optimizing of the processes and material flows. However, the lack of proper tools has lead to an inefficient process entity and waste of raw material. To change the status quo, Raute has launched the SmartMill technology, based on Raute’s long and wide experience in mill-scale deliveries and modernizations worldwide. This technology streamlines the production, enhances the total mill efficiency and supports the customers to maximize their profitability. The SmartMill technology and services provide the means to improve mill functions from the log yard down to the final plywood or LVL products by utilizing smart analyzers along with accurate digital information and services in the best possible way. M ECANO G5 ANALYZERS SIMULATE THE PROCESS The new G5 series was developed by Raute’s Mecano business unit. This 6 PLYVISIONS ground-breaking new generation of analyzers acquires information on veneer qualities and makes decisions in milliseconds, on how to process the downstream material flow. The new G5 analyzers play a big role in mill-scale optimization. Most mills typically process veneers through all the lines, including defective veneer that ends up as waste in composing. The G5 platform enables quality information to be shared between analyzers. Scanners in the beginning of the mill have the capability to virtually simulate the best way to continue the process. They evaluate whether the veneer should be upgraded by patching, composing or later by repairing. If none of these processes is calculated to be smart enough, the veneer is rejected and removed from the process already on the peeling line and directed for the use as energy or pulp. Early analysis frees the capacity of the drying, patching and composing lines, where only upgradable veneers will be processed. The Mecano G5 system directs the most appropriate veneers at an early stage to the right processes, and minimizes unnecessary handling, storing, and costly damage. The advantage of a complete-process supply is in the smart optimization of material flow for the entire mill resulting in remarkable savings. I MPROVED SINGLE G5 UNITS Not only is the veneer flow optimized, but each G5 unit has a number of new features to enhance recovery and usability of each separate line. Improved machine vision and moisture analyzing accuracy, friendly user interface, touch screen function and improved receipt handling are a few of the advancements. AVAILABLE AS MODERNIZATION The G5 system can be installed as part of new lines and mills or as an easy upgrade to existing machine vision and moisture analyzing systems. Upgrading to the new G5 technology may be performed machine by machine, line by line or for the entire mill. Raute specialists will evaluate customers’ present technology levels and production needs utilizing Raute’s knowhow of the total process. They define the significance of the new G5 solution for the customer’s business and the relation between the investment and the turnover. It is time to start increasing competitiveness and efficiency. • N EW TECHNOLOGIES NEW TECHNOLOGIES NEW TECHNOLOGIES NEW TECHNOLOGIES Text: Mikko Vesterinen INNOVATIONS TO BOOST PEELING IN THE LAST FEW YEARS Raute has won most deliveries of new peeling technology and, as a consequence, end users are now peeling a large variety of raw-materials with Raute tehchnology. Raute offers solutions for all peeling needs, from short small-diameter to long large-diameter blocks or for blocks of variable lengths. New proven innovations secure an efficient green veneer process from unconditioned Radiata pine to mixed tropical wood species, and render veneer of the highest quality. Customers have realized the clear benefits of Raute’s knowhow which covers the entire green veneer manufacturing process, including log optimizing, peeling and side product handling. New technologies – especially autocalibration and RauteSmart Scan HD scanning – make a difference in view of peeling accuracy and reliability, and guarantee maximum recovery of full sheets and face veneer. Raute’s innovations are available and suitable both for new peeling lines and upgrading of lines of any brand. with different block diameters and lengths. This unique solution maintains centering accuracy despite mechanical deviations typical of the centering process. Autocalibration keeps the equipment optimally trimmed. It is impossible for the human eye to notice the gradual slackening of set-ups and fixtures, which can go on for months resulting in an amount of lost veneer impossible to evaluate. With autocalibration the producer can rest assured that valuable raw material is used to the fullest, and machinery is optimally trimmed. I NTELLIGENCE IN CLIPPING The newest technology in clipping scanning and moisture measurement enables intelligent and variable clipping widths based on the shrinkage rate/moisture of the veneer. Not only is raw material saved but the veneer quality is acceptable for decorative surfaces as regards thickness tolerance, clipping accuracy and face quality. AUTOMATION The solutions used (e.g. Siemens and Allen-Bradley) are well-known in all market areas. These standard automation components and technologies guarantee the availability of after-sales support in future. SAFETY When investing in new technology, safety has become one of the most important competition issues. Our safety solutions are integrated in the line controls and equipment as a distributed system. This, together with carefully planned safety zones and starting procedures, guarantees maximum safety along with high usability. G REEN COMPOSING Raute green composing offers new possibilities for green random handling and clipping, either integrated into the peeling line or as a separate line (read more on pages 10-11). • AUTOCALIBRATION Patented autocalibration guarantees maximum recovery 24/7 Deliveries 2015–2017 • • • • • • • • • • • • Shatura Wood, Russia, birch, 6/5/4 ft. Prime Fortune, Taiwan, radiata pine, 8/6 ft. Wotan Forest, Czech Republic, spruce, beech, 8/4 ft. Krasnyi Jakor, Russia, birch, 5 ft. Sklejka-Multi, Poland, birch, beech, alder, spruce, pine, 4/3 ft. Paged Sklejka, Poland, spruce, pine, birch, 8 ft. Steico, Poland, spruce, pine, 8 ft. Latvijas Finieris, Latvia, birch, 5/4 ft. Stora Enso, Finland, spruce, 8 ft. Sveza Fankom, Russia, birch, 5/4 ft. UPM Otepää, Estonia, birch, 5/4 ft. Korindo, Indonesia, mixed tropical, 8 ft. Ongoing and scheduled installations during 2017 • Krasnyi Jakor, Russia, birch, 5 ft. • Metsä Wood Äänekoski, Finland, birch, 7 ft. • Vyatsky, Russia, birch, 4 ft. • Vyatsky, Russia, birch, 8 ft. • Murashinsky, Russia, birch, 8 ft. • Esla, Chile, radiata pine, 4 ft. PLYVISIONS 7 NEW TECHNOLOGIES N EW TECHNOLOGIES NEW TECHNOLOGIES WELL OVER HALF A MILLION CUBIC METERS OF NEW GREENFIELD CAPACITY IN PROCESS RAUTE’S SUCCESS STORY CONTINUES. IN THE 2015 LIGNA PLYVISION ISSUE WE REPORTED ABOUT 1 000 000 CUBIC METERS OF NEW CAPACITY SINCE LIGNA 2011, AND NOW WE CAN ANNOUNCE A NUMBER OF NEW PROJECTS THAT WILL INCREASE PRODUCTION CAPACITY BY 600 000 CUBIC METERS SINCE SPRING 2015. Text: Kimmo Suomalainen • Photos: Hannu Sinko 8 PLYVISIONS NEW TECHNOLOGIES N EW TECHNOLOGIES NEW TECHNOLOGIES NEW TECHNOLOGIES NEW SOFTWOOD CAPACITY was delivered to Poland. The Steico LVL mill has been up and running since fall 2015 and its expansion is now doubling their LVL mill output. For Paged Morag, a softwood plywood mill was delivered. In Finland, Metsä is investing in their Lohja LVL mill, installing a Raute LVL line to produce about 75 000 m3/a. Also birch plywood capacity has been increased, particularly in Estonia where both Latvijas Finieris Kohila and UPM Otepää have expanded. Both mills adding capacity in the range of 45 000 m3/a. In Finland Metsä is building a new veneer mill in Äänekoski, which will produce about 70 000 m3 of dry veneer annually. This veneer will be further processed in Estonia, where Raute will build a greenfield mill for Metsä. That will be the third big plywood factory delivered to Estonia within three years. In addition to these projects, the well- NEW TECHNOLOGIES known Russian producer, Vyatsky Plywood Mill, is doubling their birch production by building a new green field mill and also expanding the mill Raute delivered in 2006. History has shown that companies that work in close cooperation with Raute have been given the tools to be profitable and grow. We will be happy to help you, too! • HISTORY HAS SHOWN THAT COMPANIES THAT WORK CLOSELY TOGETHER WITH RAUTE HAVE GOT TOOLS TO BE PROFITABLE AND GROW. PLYVISIONS 9 TECHNOLOGY REVIEW TECHNOLOGY REVIEW TECHNOLOGY REVIEW T ECHNOLOGY REVIEW Veneer composing: a choice between dry, green or combi Green veneer composing line features the latest Mecano G5 VCO machine vision technology. THE LINE FEEDS COMPOSED FULL GREEN VENEER SHEETS TO DRYING AT MAXIMUM DRYER CAPACITY. 10 PLYVISIONS TECHNOLOGY REVIEW TECHNOLOGY REVIEW TECHNOLOGY REVIEW TECHNOLOGY REVIEW Raute’s R&D team develops new products in order to meet changing customer needs. One good example of the development work is a fully operative 8-ft. wide green composing line that has been running at Raute’s Nastola premises from the beginning of the year. Customers are welcome to visit! RAUTE’S GREEN VENEER COMPOSER LAUNCHED LAST YEAR HAS CHANGED THE WAY WE COMPREHEND VENEER COMPOSING. IT FORMS FULL SHEETS OF VENEER RANDOMS PRIOR TO DRYING – A PROCESS THAT USED TO TAKE TIME AND EFFORT AFTER THE DRYING PROCESS. TODAY, THE MODULE-BASED GREEN VENEER COMPOSER HAS A NEW OPTION TO OFFER: A COMBI LINE INCLUDING BOTH A GREEN VENEER COMPOSER AND A HOT MELT GLUE STRING APPLICATOR FOR DRY VENEER. Text: Minna Pajamies • Photos: Jarmo Ikonen, Veli-Matti Lepistö THE STRENGTH OF the Green Veneer Composer line lies in Mecano’s machine vision based analyzing in defect clipping, composing, precise sheet clipping and stacking functions. Good defect recognition is important to avoid taping onto surfaces where the tape cannot bond properly. The Raute tape is regarded as the best in the market especially for its strength properties. Composing green veneer strips into full sheets smoothens the plywood production process – manual tasks associated with random handling are eliminated and the dryer filling ratio is optimized. The Green Veneer Composer line feeds full green veneer sheets to drying at maximum dryer capacity and stacks them sorted by moisture. The first delivery of the Green Veneer Composer lines was made in 2016 to Estonia, and the outcome of the lines has been praised. One line is on its way this year to Russia, to the Vyatsky Plywood Mill in the Kirov Region where Raute is delivering the entire production process for a birch plywood mill. Other significant deliveries are to be expected in the near future. • PLYVISIONS 11 RAUTE SERVICE AGREEMENTS BASICcare • 24/7 automation hotline • Detailed line condition reporting for effective planning of maintenance tasks • Correct spare parts recommendations • Easier budgeting of future maintenance expenses • Discounted service rates PLUScare • Maintaining high equipment reliability and productivity support with Raute’s experienced team • Online training courses available 24/7 globally to minimize training costs • Secured reliability through correct maintenance procedures • Spare parts according to Raute standards PREMIUMcare • A true risk-free partnership • Performance based agreements, increased profitability through mutually set targets • Improved financial planning and decision making with online monitoring tools • Continuous improvement and development path • BASICcare features are included in PLUScare agreements • BASICcare and PLUScare features are included in PREMIUMcare agreements • Different agreement options for dedicated market areas 12 PLYVISIONS Lifetime service agreements strengthen cooperation between Raute and customers. LIFETIME SUPPORT IS THE KEY WE KNOW TECHNOLOGY IS CHANGING THE WAY WE DO BUSINESS. Text: Kurt Bossuyt, Markus Halmetoja Photos: Tomi Parkkonen, Adpro IN A WORLD where businesses are more global and access to products is reached through a variety of services, it is important to remember how customers, as far away as Chile, New Zealand and South Africa, view Raute as a company. As Raute continues to improve technology, efficiency and quality, focus must also be to continually improve and deepen local customer services and global online presence. Recent case studies and surveys on services highlighted a number of key points of what this industry expects: a company with the right solutions, on time deliveries, expertise, control of project from start to finish and, above all, a professional customer service approach. What keeps Raute steps ahead of its competitors is the ability to provide lifetime support for the entire veneer, plywood or LVL mill. The newly created Lifetime Service Agreements platform strengthens Raute’s close cooperation with customers globally. A performance-based service model and 24/7 visual automation support are just a few new elements of how the service agreements will benefit Raute’s customers. SECURE YOUR PERFORMANCE WITH RAUTE AS YOUR LIFETIME PARTNER IN THE VENEER, PLYWOOD AND LVL INDUSTRY. PLYVISIONS 13 LIFETIME SUPPORT In addition to local service hubs and as part of service agreements, Raute’s new digital services are becoming more important in today’s service business. Understanding your mill performance is the key to a profitable production. The use of machine data and digital tools provides unique opportunities in production environments. The challenge is how to use this specific data in a meaningful way. Raute has designed innovative tools providing accurate data and real-time views of your mill activities. Comprehensive reporting tools support the mill management in making precise operational decisions. In this fast-changing world of technology, customers want to focus on their core business, not on individual aspects like maintenance, spare parts, speeds and feeds. Raute has the capability and experience to take care of such individual aspects and, at the same time, to further develop your overall mill production. • MODERNIZATIONS eSERVICES BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT & TRAINING SPARE PARTS MILL PERFORMANCE MAINTENANCE Wide range of support services for successful business. New data collection and reporting system MillSIGHTS is Raute’s new production data collection and reporting system and part of a variety of new digital mill performance services. It is specifically designed for veneer, plywood and LVL mills. MillSIGHTS collects production data, such as volume, recovery rates and process downtimes. Today’s modern mills are more and more looking into detailed information about 14 PLYVISIONS production performance and line availability. Rising raw material costs and more competitive pricing are forcing mills to minimize downtime, optimize output volume and improve quality. The use of MillSIGHTS real-time data and customizable reporting will support mill management in making precise operational decisions on production planning and maintenance actions. Blocks are peeled down to 30-mm core. Ecuadorian Plywood Industry Modernizes THE PLYWOOD MANUFACTURERS IN ECUADOR ARE MODERNIZING THEIR MANUFACTURING PROCESSES TO MORE EFFICIENTLY UTILIZE ITS TWO TYPES OF WOOD RESOURCES, NATIVE AND PLANTATION TROPICAL HARDWOOD. THE PLANTATION TREES ARE SMALLER IN DIAMETER THAN THE TRADITIONAL NATIVE HARDWOODS RETRIEVED FROM SUSTAINABLY MANAGED FORESTS. Text and photos: Timo Reinikainen IN RECENT YEARS Raute has modernized several peeling lines originally made by other manufacturers. Endesa-Botrosa converted their Fezer and Cremona block chargers into modern Raute XY chargers. As a result, veneer recovery improved by 3% and now also smaller logs can be processed at high recovery. The production shutdown time for the modernizations was only one week at each peeling line. This was possible with good preparations and close cooperation between the customer’s and Raute’s teams. The plywood manufacturer Codesa has increased their plywood capacity and modernized their plywood mill for smaller-diameter logs. A few years ago the 8-ft. Keller peeling line with a reeling system was equipped with a completely new Raute knife carriage and lathe controls by Raute. Now the modernizing of the peeling line is being finished by Raute, the delivery including a new XY charger, backup roll, tray systems and line controls. Tropical hardwood plywood typically consists of thin face veneers (1 mm and less) and thick core veneers. Codesa’s modernization also includes a RauteLite spindleless peeling line for peeling of thick core veneers. Peeling happens in two steps. Thin high-quality face veneer is first peeled on the 8-ft. peeling line. The core is dropped off at a diameter of about 20 cm. Peeling of the core continues on the 4-ft. RauteLite peeling line, which peels thick core veneers down to a very small core of 3 cm. This combination gives excellent recovery of the logs. When face veneers are very thin and the sanding margin is very small, the thickness accuracy of the thick core veneers must be precise. The Raute Light lathe has a good thickness tolerance with advanced servo-controlled positioning of knife and all rollers. A third plywood manufacturer in Ecuador, Banova, has acquired a new Raute veneer drying line with Mecano’s camera and moisture grading. Banova makes lightweight core materials of balsa wood (Ochroma pyramidale). The balsa tree is the fastest growing tree in the world. Balsa core plywood is a specialty product combining strength with a very low weight. Ecuadorian hardwood plywood is known for its high quality suitable for a variety of demanding applications. The recent modernizations help Raute’s clients to produce hardwood plywood from many tropical plantation wood species. • PLYVISIONS 15 The ‘Kaava’ conference chair, designed by Mr. Mikko Laakkonen, is the first product made of Grada plywood. “The seat and the armrests are cut with a CNC machine and shaped with the aid of heat from one single plywood panel”, Mr. Olin explains. According to Mr. Olin, it would be impossible to make the joints in the ‘Kaava’ chair with traditional techniques. 16 PLYVISIONS ISKU TAKES PLYWOOD FURNITURE DESIGN TO A HIGHER LEVEL SUSTAINABILITY WILL BE LEADING THE NEXT RISING WAVE IN FURNITURE DESIGN. RENEWABLE RAW MATERIALS, RECYCLABLE PRODUCTS AND LOCALITY POSE A POSITIVE CHALLENGE. “EMPHASIS ON HONESTY OF MATERIALS WILL GROW”, SAYS MR. ANTTI OLIN, DESIGN AND BRAND DIRECTOR AT ISKU INTERIOR. Text: Eveliina Lakka • Photos: Veli-Matti Lepistö FOR THE 89-YEAR-OLD Finnish furniture manufacturer Isku, veneer-based products have been an important part of the collection for decades. Grada, a new type of plywood material, presents ways to facilitate Isku’s design philosophy – simple, smart and functional. Grada’s structure with layers of special glue makes pressing into form simpler and faster than before. “The mold-changing time in traditional pressing was 90 minutes compared to a couple of minutes wih Grada”, explains Mr. Olin. The glue layers permit shaping Grada with the aid of heat. “Grada enables a more sustainable furniture design. Material waste is also reduced as the glues con- tain no formaldehyde and can be reshaped with the aid of heat.” CUSTOMERS VALUE SUSTAINABLE FURNITURE Grada is the result of Isku’s and UPM Kymmene Wood’s cooperation. Isku is the first furniture manufacturer to operate a Grada production line. “Grada has revolutionized the whole furniture design industry, and it can be used diversely for a wide range of different purposes”, says Mr. Olin. The possibilities possessed by Grada have largely drawn attention all over the world. “Just recently we had a design team from Tesla Motors visiting our production unit”, adds Mr. Olin. UPM Jyväskylä Plywood mill, Raute’s long time customer, supplies Grada and other plywood materials to Isku. “The origin and ecology of raw materials are important not only for us but also for our customers. To be a credible player in this industry we must focus on sustainability and be smarter than our competitors on this arena”, Mr. Olin concludes. • GRADA HAS REVOLUTIONIZED THE FURNITURE DESIGN INDUSTRY. PLYVISIONS 17 Strategic partnership with York Timbers YORK TIMBERS (PTY), THE LARGEST MANUFACTURER OF PLYWOOD PRODUCTS IN SOUTHERN AFRICA, AND RAUTE CORPORATION SIGNED A COOPERATIVE AGREEMENT TO STRENGTHEN THEIR RELATION TOWARDS A STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP. THE AGREEMENT WAS SIGNED IN CONJUNCTION OF YORK TIMBER’S 100-YEAR ANNIVERSARY. Text: Timo Tikka, Antti Laulainen • Photos: Veli-Matti Lepistö Raute technology is well applicable for local softwood at York Timbers. THE PARTIES’ mutual goal is to enhance the profitability of York Timbers via its plywood division with the aim of becoming an international player in the plywood business. The Cooperative Agreement will be executed in various forms such as production process and capacity development, service delivery, competence development, and sharing of technology upgrades on Raute and other equipment. 100-YEAR OLD INTEGRATED FOREST COMPANY “York Timbers and Raute have already cooperated for years. The agreement was a major step forward in strengthening our cooperation in the future. York is very proud to be associated with Raute and I can safely say that with the team 18 PLYVISIONS looking after us Raute is truly executed on its promise of life-cycle partnerships”, says Mr. Pieter van Zyl, CEO, York Timbers. York Timbers is an integrated forestry company, that owns plantations and processing plants and runs a wholesale distribution network. The company has the largest market share of the South African timber and plywood market in 2016. York Timbers celebrated 100 years since incorporation and 70 years of being listed on the JSE – milestones few companies have achieved. B ENEFITS OF LONG-TERM PARTNERSHIP “Raute is the main technology, service and development partner to York Tim- bers. This agreement allows us to commit to York Timbers and to develop our operations in Africa in the future”, says Mr. Antti Laulainen, Group Vice President of Raute Corporation. York Timbers will benefit from the agreement in various ways. Service Agreement, technology transfer, access to Raute’s worldwide technology network and extensive training program are a few examples of those benefits.Via this agreement, York Timbers can ensure that their mill can be systematically developed with the latest knowhow and plywood technology for years ahead. The cooperation has a long history. In 2005 Raute delivered a 8-ft. Smart peeling line and a 15-hot section dryer, in 2013 a 2-roller glue spreader was delivered and in 2015 Raute delivered a 22-hot section dryer with 10-bin sorting line to York Timbers. In November 2016 Raute and York Timbers signed a contract for the supply of Plywood a pressing line consisting of a 48-daylight press. The delivery will take place in December 2017 and the commissioning will be in February 2018. • YORK IS VERY PROUD TO BE ASSOCIATED WITH RAUTE AND I CAN SAFELY SAY THAT WITH THE TEAM LOOKING AFTER US RAUTE HAS TRULY EXECUTED ON ITS PROMISE OF LIFE-CYCLE PARTNERSHIPS.” MR. PIETER VAN ZYL, CEO, YORK TIMBERS PLYVISIONS 19 MOELVEN IMPROVES PLYWOOD PRODUCTION Shorter veneer-toveneer time with accurate block centering and positioning. THE SWEDISH MOELVEN VÄNERPLY AB IS A SCANDINAVIAN WOOD PRODUCTS MANUFACTURER WITH 52 PRODUCTION UNITS IN SWEDEN AND NORWAY. THE WIDE PRODUCT RANGE COVERS SAWN TIMBER, PLYWOOD AND A LARGE VARIETY OF OTHER ENGINEERED WOOD MATERIALS AND RELATED SERVICES FOR THE SCANDINAVIAN CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY. PRODUCTS ARE ALSO EXPORTED, MAINLY TO EUROPE AND THE MIDDLE EAST. MOELVEN FOCUSES STRONGLY ON PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT AND NEW TECHNICAL INNOVATIONS TO SECURE ITS POSITION AMONG ITS CUSTOMERS. Text: Ulla Lahtela • Photo: Jarmo Ikonen Higher face veneer yield with SmartScan HD 20 PLYVISIONS Total modernization of the old COE lathe resulted in remarkably higher line capacity and smoother operations. MOELVEN WAS ESTABLISHED in the 1970s and after the acquisition of the other Swedish plywood producer, Vänerply AB in 2011, Moelven is now the only plywood manufacturer in Scandinavia, and has an annual production of about 90 000 m3 or 6 million m2 of spruce and pine plywood in 2400x1200 to 3080x1220 mm formats and in thicknesses ranging between 9 and 28 mm. MILL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM In 2014 Moelven launched a development program for the entire plywood mill. The target was a higher automation level, reduced manpower and savings in raw material and glue consumption. In order to cope with the competition from Finland, Russia and South America, it was necessary to improve the effectivity of production and focus on new innovative technical products in order to maintain the position of plywood within the construction industry, and to create new uses. As the only machinery supplier of technology for the entire plywood manufacturing process, Raute was chosen to supply the new technology for the mill. According to Mr. Arne Carlström, Production Manager of Moelven, the choice was based on the experience of a long cooperation.“We know Raute’s products are good. Raute is able to supply the entire modernization and to secure support and necessary services. An important thing for us is the practical location of Raute to us; operating in neighboring countries makes access easy both ways, and we can rely on a quick response to our service needs on short notice”, says Mr. Carlström. RAUTE INNOVATIONS TO COE PEELING LINE Moelven decided to go for an upgrade of their COE peeling line. According to Mr. Carlström, the aim was to improve the line recovery. The Raute delivery included a SmartScan HD, AC servo controlled XY setworks, a new knife carriage, a VCA clipper scanner with an upgrade of the RCH clipper control as well as a stacker with a stack unloading system. The Siemens S7 DC drives and the tray control system were replaced. The delivery and installation were performed in three phases. The incorporation of the new Raute mechanical and automation components succeeded well and the overall installation schedule was met despite some minor delays that occurred during the process. TARGETS REACHED Over the years, Moelven has invested in a combination of new lines and modernization of old.“We find modernization in general a good option to upgrade existing lines”, says Mr. Carlström. Modern- RAUTE IS ABLE TO SUPPLY THE ENTIRE MODERNIZATION AND TO SECURE SUPPORT AND NECESSARY SERVICES.” MR. CARLSTRÖM, PRODUCTION MANAGER OF MOELVEN ization generally involves challenges when new components are incorporated in an existing line delivered by another supplier. The biggest challenges concerned the lathe automation and electronics, and keeping the installation times. The most challenging phases were solved by Raute’s experts so that delays were kept to the minimum. “With this modernization, we have been able to increase our production in terms of volume per hour, and that was also what we aimed for. The veneer quality improved and we also save in labor costs as the line is now fully automated and runs practically unmanned”, says Mr. Carlström. With this supply Raute has been able to meet Moelven’s expectations and targets, and help Moelven to succeed even better in future. FURTHER STEPS The mill development project also includes two Raute composing lines with one common operator platform in between. To replace several manual roller lay-up lines a Raute high-efficient automatic line with one-side gluing has also been supplied. To cope with the higher process efficiency, the next step in mill development is the veneer dryer agreement signed between Moelven and Raute in February 2017. The new dryer will be in operation in the beginning of next year. All delivered lines and modernizations will be covered under Raute’s knowhow combining material flow of the different lines and processes into one optimized process. • PLYVISIONS 21 THE P2 P2 Patchman at Richmond Plywood, Canada. HAS LANDED IN NORTH AMERICA RAUTE TAKES A MAJOR STEP TOWARD CHANGING THE FACE OF VENEER. Text and photos: June De La Paz IN 2008, a P1 Patchman resided in Raute’s Canadian R&D department. As a collaboration between Raute’s progressive engineering and Mecano’s advanced camera systems, the P1 automated the tedious process of both identifying veneer defects and simultaneously repairing them. With the quality and size of logs diminishing, manual patching became necessary to combat waste and utilize otherwise high quality full sheets. The P1 was Raute’s first effort in eliminating the laborious task that was timeconsuming, incredibly slow, and prone to under/over processing. This particular P1 had undergone fanciful and practical experimentation all in the name of research, and it now sat idle, taking up space for newer advancements in engineering excellence. Knowing that Richmond Plywood specialized in overlay products that required meticulously perfect veneer and could utilize the automation of the P1, Raute contacted them and made them an offer to get this line operation in their mill. It was a historical occasion. Richmond Plywood installed the P1 Patchman in their mill when the industry had 22 PLYVISIONS just descended into a major recession. Customers were in the throes of a devastating housing crisis and Raute North America itself was about to tailspin as the North American economy came to a screeching halt. Raute indeed survived, and so did Richmond Plywood. Owing some of their success to the P1 during those lean requirement days, they are the only plywood mill still operational in the BC’s lower mainland. It was no surprise that the moment the P2, next generation Patchman became available in North America, with new functionality, state-of-the art cameras, and technologically advanced robotics and analyzers, that Richmond Plywood was the first company to sign on. “The advantages over the first generation Patchman were abundantly clear,” says Gurnam Minhas, Richmond Plywood. “It moves with precision and speed. Without the need for multiple operators, the cost savings are significant.” With their unique mill set up and diverse customer base, the need for high quality full sheets devoid of defects was paramount to their success, and Raute’s P2 promised to deliver a machine with a capacity guarantee that blew the competition out of the water. The first North American P2 was installed in 2016 and has been exceeding capacity guarantees ever since.“This was the brain child of a brilliant team of engineers and expert designers that were able to take advantage of every optimization available based on an exhaustive understanding of processing veneer,” says Martin Murphy, Senior Vice President, North America. “The P2 has raised the bar to new heights and will be the standard for unparalleled patching.” Upgraded with G5 enabled technology, it is now one of the highest capacity patching lines in North America, with the most accurate color camera detection system and motion control available today. That booming success was heard at Bessemer Plywood, in Bessemer, Michigan. With the resurgence of the plywood industry, Bessemer is making a calculated investment bolstered by generous industry forecasts, climbing housing demands, and a lack of workers to operate outdated machines. Installation is slated for early 2018, and Bessemer is eyeing those capacity numbers to increase their recovery and profits, lower their costs, and help them secure a continuously profitable future. • G5 VDA visual defect analyzing takes patching to a new level. PLYVISIONS 23 Worldwide presence, local support Nastola Riga Czarna Woda Kajaani St. Petersburg Raplamaa Moscow Vancouver, BC Pullman, WA Monroe, LA Shanghai Singapore Santiago Myrtleford Raute Representative Raute Corporation Head office and main production plant Rautetie 2 P.O. 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