Issue 17 Published by Raute Corporation See you at Ligna! 1,000,000 CUBIC METERS OF NEW CAPACITY MILL SCALE DELIVERIES THE VIRTUAL TOUR TO THE WORLD OF PATCHMAN LIGNA FAIR AND FROM THE CEO FROM THE CEO FROM THE CEO FROM THE CEO FROM THE CEO 4 MILL SCALE DELIVERIES 1,000,000 cubic meters of new greenfield capacity. Dear reader, 2014 WAS A THREEFOLD year for Raute. We started very slowly, then sped up but continued having problems. In the end, however, we managed to take a leap. Altogether the achievement was not satisfactory but tolerable. And yet, we managed to book an almost record amount of new orders. This year has started under favorable conditions, too. We received orders for mill-scale project deliveries from both Stora Enso and Latvijas Finieris in March. Thank you, our valued customers, for this trust in us. The general situation within our industry remains unstable. The financial crisis in certain parts of the Euro zone has turned worse, and the political situation around Ukraine and in the Middle East is not good for business. The market is not growing and many are hesitant to make the investments we all know would be beneficial. When looking in more detail we see the market situation as twofold. Most of our customers are doing well but their order books are thin and short. Therefore we see a brisk demand for smaller services, often intended to make the existing operations more competitive. Also, a number of customers do trust in the future in the longer term and are making big investments and creating new capacity and wider product range. But mid-term and mid-size investments are lacking. In this Exhibition Extra we tell how we focus our activities on the present market situation: mill-scale projects and new technologies and services to boost your competitiveness. After uncertain times there will be a better business environment one day. The winners will be those who continue to believe in hard work and take wellmanaged risks. That is what we do at Raute and we encourage our customers to do that as well. As you can read on the following pages, we offer you the tools. I wish you all the best success in your business. Meet you at Ligna! Welcome to Ligna, the world's largest wood products and machinery fair! We are pleased to invite you to attend Ligna in Hannover, Germany, May 11 - 15, 2015. Enclosed, please find your ticket to visit this exciting event as our guest. Our stand will be ready to receive you and we will be proud to present to you our new best friend, the Patchman, who will take you to a virtual tour in the exciting world of patching. You will find us at Hall 27, Stand J38. Please mark Tuesday, May 12, to your calendar: cocktails are served at the stand at 18:00. Don't miss the party. 10 FULLY AUTOMATED hot press secures productivity. 14 MODERNIZATION The last chance or the latest innovation? THE PATCHMAN ­ YOUR OFFICIAL GUIDE TO THE WORLD OF PATCHING. Tapani Kiiski President and CEO 2 PLYVISIONS PLYVISIONS 3 OF NEW Text: Kimmo Suomalainen Photos: Veli-Matti Lepistö CUBIC METERS THE VENEER-BASED INDUSTRY HAS BEEN INVESTING IN NEW PRODUCTION CAPACITY. NOT ONLY LINE PROJECTS AND MODERNIZATIONS BUT ALSO NEW GREENFIELD MILLS AND MAJOR EXPANSIONS HAVE BEEN BUILT. THE ANNUAL PRODUCTION CAPACITY OF THESE MILL PROJECTS ADDS UP TO OVER ONE MILLION CUBIC METERS. OUR OLD, LOYAL customers have been doing well, making profits and expanding their production. These companies know us well and trust in our ability to deliver what they need. Our biggest project to date was signed as a result of the experience of four earlier successful mill deliveries. On the other hand, Raute has also been making deals with companies that are new in the veneer-based business. In these cases, technology partnership and start-up services have been important factors to pick Raute as the main supplier. These customers know that buying a greenfield mill is not just choosing a machinery supplier but choosing a long-time partner who is able to ensure that the investment will become a profitable business. Over the years Raute has delivered over 70 greenfield mills. There is a clear trend to build bigger mills. Recently the average size of a new mill has been well over 150,000 cubic meters per annum. One of Raute's strengths is the understanding of the whole process, from block cutting to packaging of the products. In addition to paying attention to one particular phase, Raute also optimizes the whole chain of process phases, observing the preceding and dependent processes. Especially the use of advanced moisture meters and machine vision makes it possible to maximize not only the volume recovery but also machinery throughput, quality and monetary value of the product. · GREENFIELD CAPACITY BY RAUTE SINCE LIGNA 2011 LVL BREAK-THROUGH THE LVL MARKET SHOWS A STRONG GROWTH AS BUILDING MATERIAL. DURING THE LAST FOUR YEARS FOUR LVL MILL ORDERS HAVE BEEN PLACED WITH RAUTE. 4 PLYVISIONS PLYVISIONS 5 TECHNOLOGY REVIEW TECHNOLOGY REVIEW TECHNOLOGY REVIEW TECHNOLOGY REVIEW TECHNOLOGY REVIEW TECHNOLOGY REVIEW TECHNOLOGY REVIEW TECHNOLOGY REVIEW Two new robotic repairing lines at Arauco Nueva Aldea mill. Text: Mika Hyysti · Photos: Veli-Matti Lepistö ALL THESE ISSUES together with the higher demand for quality wood products will keep Raute and its customers under the pressure to improve production processes on a continuous basis. Fortunately, renewable building materials are becoming more and more popular, which gives us a strong trust in the future. We at Raute carefully follow up the megatrends that have an effect on our customers' industries. We utilize our global presence on all continents, and study and research future raw materials and technologies to be able to provide the most profitable solutions for various customer needs. We understand that the major cost components are not the same in different regions and therefore we offer products in three different categories: Pro, Select and Smart. The Pro technology with less automation and capacity is suitable when labor is not an issue whereas the Smart technology is provided when the maximum capacity must be achieved with minimum labor. The Select technology is often tailored and combined of Pro and Smart technologies. Raute invests 2 ­ 3 MEur annually in R&D, which ensures that new leading solutions can be launched on a regular basis. Raute has a strong R&D function with tens of professionals, part of which situtated locally near the customers in our global network. Raute also has a unit under the name of Mecano dedicated to develop the most advanced machine vision and measurement technologies for the quality control and the optimizing of the processes. Products like Smart Scan and Mecano VDA are already famous moneymakers among our customers. The total number of delivered machine vision systems is counted in hundreds. Please enjoy reading the technology articles in this issue of PlyVisions with highlights on our latest technologies and achievements as well as on the success of our customers. · PLYVISIONS TECHNOLOGY REVIEW THE WORLD IS CONTINUOUSLY CHANGING, ALSO AROUND RAUTE'S CUSTOMERS. RAW MATERIAL, ENERGY AND LABOR ARE BECOMING MORE EXPENSIVE. NEW REGULATIONS ARE IMPROVING SAFETY AND OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH. BLOCK DIAMETERS ARE DECREASING AND RAW MATERIAL QUALITIES ARE CHANGING ALONG WITH NEW PLANTATION SPECIES. NEW COMPETITIVE BUILDING MATERIALS ARE CONTINUOUSLY DEVELOPED. MILL MANAGER JOSÉ ROJAS AND PRODUCTION MANAGER JOSÉ ANTONIO POBLETE STATE THAT THE TWO COMBINED LINES ARE ERGONOMICAL TO USE, AND REPLACE 72 MANUAL OPERATORS BY 8 FULL-TIME OPERATORS AND 8 PART-TIME ASSISTANTS. 7 TECHNOLOGY REVIEW TECHNOLOGY REVIEW TECHNOLOGY REVIEW TECHNOLOGY REVIEW TECHNOLOGY REVIEW TECHNOLOGY REVIEW TECHNOLOGY REVIEW TECHNOLOGY REVIEW RAUTE HAS DEVELOPED A NEW MEMBER TO ITS COMPOSER FAMILY: THE MODULE-BASED GREEN VENEER COMPOSER. THE GREEN VENEER Composing line SMART PANEL REPAIRING THE REPAIRING OF PANELS remains one of the most labor-intensive manual processes in plywood mills. Automating the process has been extremely challenging. However, the continuous development of machine vision technology and processing capacity of computers, as well as new robotic devices and motion control systems, have made it true. Mecano's combined VDA Color and 3D defect analyzer scans the panels at 0.3-mm accuracy to define their quality class after repairing. It gives repairing instructions for the line control system to correct the defects accurately and to grade the panels. With Raute's automatic repairing line, typical defects such as knots, knot holes, pitch pockets, bark, wane, splits and other mechanical defects are repaired with synthetic materials, e.g. putty, epoxy or polyurethane. arm and wrist problems typical for manual repairing are totally eliminated as operators focus mainly on monitoring and on supplying new batches of repair material. The line is easy to use and maintain; maintenance happens in minimum time to achieve maximum uptime. Automatic repairing leads to homogenous end products with higher capacity, and at the same time, with reduced use of repair material. The small need for floor area frees the space for other processes. All these facts together make the automatic panel repairing a smart investment with a short pay-back time. · CASE ARAUCO NUEVA ALDEA The Arauco Nueva Aldea high-capacity softwood mill features two repairing lines with a common platform for two operators in between. The operators monitor the line and refill the repairing materials into the dosing equipment. Tools and repairing portals per line: · Two routing heads to open up narrow splits · Three heads for putty · One head for polyurethane. CUSTOMER AND PROCESS BENEFITS Remarkable potential to improve green veneer recovery: · Green randoms for plywood production instead of chipping into waste · Reduced manual labor with automated handling of randoms · Higher dryer efficiency with drying of full sheets only. includes automatic defect clipping with machine vision based defect analyzing and composing, sheet clipping and stacking functions. These features, common to all Raute Veneer Composers, are composed into a simple and cost-effective construction. In the green veneer composer the aligned and clipped veneers are jointed together with tape applied on both sides of the veneer with the aid of electrically heated presses. This gives good crosswise and lengthwise strengths and prevents the veneers from overlapping. It also enables the handling of full veneer sheets in the following processes, e.g. in drying. Welcome to hear more about green veneer composer in our stand at Ligna. · Text: Erkki Kauranen · Photo: Veli-Matti Lepistö TECHNICAL DETAILS: · "Plug and Play" construction of taping heads · Easy fitting for electrics and pneumatics · Pneumatically driven tape feeding with simple construction without motors for easy operation and maintenance · Possibility to utilize the grading benefits of Mecano LiteVCO-F MAJOR LINE COMPONENTS: · Stack conveyors and panel feeder · Mecano VDA 3D defect analyzer · Heavy duty vacuum cup conveyor to keep panels flat · Cartesian robots for routing and filling the defects · Dosing system of repairing materials (partnership with Wilvaco) · Fast motion control combined with durable mechanical solutions · Panel curing and stacking device SHORT PAY-BACK Automating the panel repairing process offers remarkable savings in labor. Only 2 operators are needed compared to 9 operators on a manual line. The automatic line offers superior ergonomics: PLYVISIONS IN ADDITION TO REMARKABLE SAVINGS IN LABOR THE EMPLOYEES ARM AND WRIST PROBLEMS ARE TOTALLY ELIMINATED. MILL MANAGER JOSÉ ROJAS 8 PLYVISIONS 9 Text: Tero Laitinen GREEN VENEER COMPOSING NEXT STEP IN VENEER HANDLING: TECHNOLOGY REVIEW TECHNOLOGY REVIEW TECHNOLOGY REVIEW TECHNOLOGY REVIEW TECHNOLOGY REVIEW TECHNOLOGY REVIEW TECHNOLOGY REVIEW TECHNOLOGY REVIEW SMOOTH AND GENTLE SPECIALLY WITH THIN PANELS. PAUL MÖHRING, CMPC MADERAS Panels are fed directly to the charger by a vacuum carriage instead of manual feeding. Text: Jori Sopanen · Photos: Veli-Matti Lepistö Fully automated hot press secures high productivity THE NEW HOT PRESS AT CMPC MININCO PLW MILL HAS BEEN IN OPERATION FOR A YEAR. MININCO MADE A MAJOR EXPANSION OF ITS PRODUCTION AND HAS BECOME ONE OF THE LARGEST PLYWOOD MILLS IN THE WORLD. RAUTE WAS THE main machine supplier for CMPC's plywood mill that started production in 2007, and again when the mill was enlarged in 2013. The mill produces high-quality sanded softwood plywood of Radiata Pine. PRESSING IS THE KEY TO AN EVEN PRODUCT QUALITY AND A CONSISTENT OUTPUT Hot press is fully automated. Panels are picked up by vacuum cups and servo drive fed and positioned into press loader. Edges of lay-up package are not touched during the entire loading cycle which prevents veneers from bending over panel face. In addition to this, during infeed cycle panel surface is brushed and blown clean. All this prevents face dents caused by trash and slivers which is specially important when producing A or B quality panels. · PLYVISIONS 10 PLYVISIONS 11 PEOPLE BEHIND RAUTE'S CUSTOMER CARE Text: Petri Lakka · Photos: Veli-Matti Lepistö A RECENT RAUTE customer survey underlined that the most important criteria for a good customer experience are the high-professional and committed people behind products and services. Sustainable development of our resources is the key focus area in our values and strategy. We do everything possible to ensure that our people understand the customers' needs and are willing to share our values with them. We listen to our customers and strive to create long-term customer relationships built on trust. We understand our customers' needs and cooperate to find profitable solutions. We operate so that our customers regard us as a reliable and attractive supplier with high-quality services and products. · "Our work is focused on the needs of our customers. Their problems are our problems, and finding the right solutions to their needs is our main interest." Sergey Egorov, Chief Automation Specialist, Raute Service LLC, Russia "The most important thing for our team is that we can supply our machines quickly and satisfy our customers' needs." Li Gao Sheng, Project Engineer, Raute China LIFETIME SERVICES WRAPPED IN ONE PACKAGE Looking for check unplanned downtimes and the tools for efficient operations? Or the ability to check your mill performance level anytime, anywhere ­ be it from your laptop at work or through a mobile device at home? The R1 service agreement aims at maintaining, improving and measuring of production performance with real-time mill data. You will receive a personalized user account, from which you can monitor and compare your mill's performance level at any place. The production processes are monitored by evaluating the Overall Equipment Efficiency* (OEE R1). This indicator takes into account the availability, performance, quality and recovery rates of the process. With R1 services, you can sit back and relax as you will be assured that qualified Raute personnel will be at your service. To us, the customer is always first priority. RAUTE'S KEY VALUE IS THE CUSTOMER AND HOW TO SERVE HIM. "I think Raute is the only player in this industry who is truly able to provide expert services. Our focus is on mill production processes. The value of our services lies in our experience and know-how of the global plywood industry." Timo Välttilä, Business Manager, Expert Services, Raute Finland Benefits of R1 services in a nutshell MORE EFFICIENT PRODUCTION TIME With planned service activities FOCUS ON FINDING THE BEST PRACTICES FOR IMPROVEMENT With regular analyzing and development meetings "Having to figure out what the machine actually does and how it should work, is exciting. It is something that you cannot just Google." Andrew Larose, Automation Engineer, Raute Canada "The work at Raute is challenging and requires a lot of creativity; every day is different. I love the variety of this work, because I really have a chance to develop myself and learn something new every day." Elli Leino, Engineering Systems Specialist Raute Finland OUR CUSTOMERS GLOBALLY RANKED FOLLOWING VALUES AS THE MOST IMPORTANT FOR AN EXCELLENT CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE: · The company personnel has a good ability to serve its customers · The company immediately reacts to problems and solves them · The company reacts on customers' requests as agreed · The company offers the needed support from start-up to the end of the warranty time · The company actively informs the customer about the situation of deliveries CONTINUOUS SUPPORT AND ACTIONS TO PREVENT UNPLANNED STOPPAGES Through remote services, which acquire the latest information of the production line MAXIMIZED PRODUCTION SUPPORTABILITY By defining the most critical spare parts at your mill REAL-TIME INFORMATION TO SUPPORT DECISION MAKING With digital tools designed to measure and evaluate OEE R1 * Index for Overall Equipment Efficiency. OEE R1 is Raute's specially developed method for measuring and analyzing veneer, plywood and LVL production efficiency. 12 PLYVISIONS PLYVISIONS 13 CASE: LITEVCO-F FOR COMPOSING LINES Mecano LiteVCO-F (Veneer Clipping Optimizer based on fluorescence light) is a cost-effective and precise analyzer developed in particular for veneer composing lines. The new color camera focuses on both high contrast and micro defects, which are critical in veneer composing. This technology is capable to detect e.g. inner bark (phloem) which is very hard to recognize. It causes problems in the gluing process and reduces the quality of the end products. The analyzer enables automatic veneer clipping, which means that no operators are needed to manually mark the unwanted areas. Mecano LiteVCO-F was one of the best-selling Raute products in 2014. It truly improves the profitability of veneer composing. LiteVCO-F can be installed to both face and core veneer composers. RAUTE MODERNIZATION PROJECTS 2009­2014 60 50 40 30 20 10 Projects Linear growth MODERNIZATION ­ THE LAST CHANCE OR THE LATEST INNOVATION? Text: Markus Halmetoja · Photo: Veli-Matti Lepistö NO DOUBT, MODERNIZATIONS HAVE BEEN THE FASTEST GROWING TREND IN THE WOOD PROCESSING INDUSTRY LATELY. BEHIND EVERY investment there is careful calculation of profits and repayment that lay ahead. The reasons to modernize are various. Some customers look for the latest innovation and technological advancement to improve their efficiency. For others a modernization is the last chance to ensure the continuity of production. Raute is indisputably the global market leader in the modernization business in the plywood and LVL industry. Our success is based on the strong understanding of mill-scale processes and on the knowledge of the needs and challenges of the different markets. That is why we have been able to expand our modernization deliveries also to other makes. The range of Raute's modernization deliveries is wide, the extent varying from small line control and device updates to full-scope line modernization. · 0 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 RAUTE MODERNIZATION PROJECTS · 2014 16 % Jussi Puranen, Technology Manager and Ari-Pekka Tiusanen, Engineering Manager work daily with modernization projects. 84 % More than 15 % of modernization projects were delivered to other makes machinery. 14 PLYVISIONS PLYVISIONS 15 Operating globally, acting locally Kajaani Nastola St. Petersburg Riga Moscow Vancouver, BC Memphis, TN Shanghai Singapore Raute Representative Santiago PlyVisions is Raute Corporation's Customer Magazine. Editor-In-Chief: Veli-Matti Lepistö · Layout: Onnion Oy, Toni Talvenheimo · Printing house: Markprint 4/2015 · Cover photo: Elomatic · Address changes: · Publisher: Raute Corporation, P.O. Box 69, FI-15551 Nastola, Finland, tel. +358 3 829 11, fax +358 3 829 3511 · Copyright Raute Corporation. All rights reserved. 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